EMI has reached a deal with legal peer-to-peer service LTDnetwork that makes the label's music available through the innovative soon-to-launch file-sharing service.

LTDnetwork plans to launch the world's first advertising-supported, legal peer-to-peer music distribution service.  The service, called Qtrax, was developed by LTDnetwork, and at launch, will provide fans with free, advertising-funded access to high-quality, high-fidelity digital music files, as well as the option to subscribe to a premium version of the service or to purchase music tracks and albums on an a la carte basis.  

Qtrax will offer two tiers of service: A free, advertising-supported service that filters copyrighted content from existing peer-to-peer networks; and a premium subscription service which will require a monthly fee. 

The ad-supported service lets users search the network for specific tracks - those tracks that are registered with Qtrax will be made available for download in Qtrax's proprietary ".mpq" file format. 

The premium service uses Microsoft's DRM technologym which offers unlimited access to music in the Qtrax network. 

"Working with Qtrax is just one way EMI is actively supporting emerging business models, technologies and platforms to deliver music to fans," said David Munns, chairman and CEO of EMI Music North America.