The big five major labels appear ready to lose even more friends, with reports that Apple has been forced to agree to rasie prices on some of its music downloads to $1.25 per track.

The New York Post this morning writes: " Under the terms of some of the deals, the prices for some of the most popular singles could rise to $1.25, according to sources familiar with the negotiations. Songs have previously been priced at 99 cents across the board."

It appears Apple was forced to agree to this as Universal, Sony, BMG, EMI and Warners renegotiated their year-old deal allowing online distribution of their music with the company.

EMI and Sony are said to have been the "most aggressive on pricing", the report claims.

However, Apple refused to agree to allow some artists to make their music available only as albums, rather than as single tracks. A move the report claims EMI was pushing for.

Apple declined to comment for the story.