EMI wants to allow consumers to buy 100 per cent of its music repertoire digitally, and has renewed merger talks with Warner, reports claim.

Speaking to the Financial Times, EMI chairman and CEO Alain Levy predicted that the digital music market (including downloads, ringtones and wireless applications) could amount to 25 per cent of all music sales by 2007 or 2009.

The company will "expand consumer outlets, such as online stores, retail kiosks, airlines, mobile phone networks and hotels."

"We will endeavour to maintain a very flexible model, where we will provide our content to retailers in all relevant formats, and where we will enable our retailers and business partners to pursue the widest range of legal business models," he said.

The EMI/Warner merger has been put on ice in recent months as the companies await the results of the EU examination of the proposed BMG/Sony merger. As it now appears this merger will be approved, Warner and EMI are talking again.

"Re-opening talks seems inevitable. It's a perfectly sensible conclusion to come to," a senior manager within one of the groups told The Times.