Apple legal should be able to wipe one case off its list this morning, as reports emerge claiming the company has achieved an out of court settlement with superstar Eminem.

Eminem is reported to have agreed to an undisclosed financial settlement in a lawsuit over the use of one of his songs (Lose Yourself) in an Apple ad that appeared on MTV.

The ad had featured a ten-year old singing Eminem's track, Lose Yourself and was screened for three months beginning July 2003, and also made available on Apple's Web site.

The star's publishing company Eight Mile Style filed suit alleging copyright infringement against MTV, Apple, Viacom and TBWA/Chiat/Day in February 2004.

Secret settlement

The Detroit News reports Howard Hertz, a Bloomfield Hills lawyer for Eight Mile Style and Eminem, who said: "The parties were able to reach an amicable resolution."

Apple disputed this, alleging that the ad featuring the song only appeared twice, briefly, on its Web site.

A lawyer for MTV and Viacom also described the suit as "amicably resolved", while Apple has not issued comment.

Terms of the out of court resolution have not been disclosed. Eminem's legal representatives have in the past said the artist would have required as much as $10 million to endorse any product, which he has never done.