Apple has officially published the Eminem Apple iPod silhouette ad shown by company CEO Steve Jobs last week.

When he revealed the ad, Jobs said: “We’ve been working on this advertisement for two and a half years.”

The spot was available briefly from Apple’s site last week, then withdrawn in a move which sparked yet more rumours of problems between Apple and the superstar rapper.

Apple and Eminem had been involved in litigation since February 2004, until agreeing an “amicable setttlement” in May 2005.

The star's publishing company Eight Mile Style filed a copyright infringement suit against MTV, Apple, Viacom and TBWA/Chiat/Day. This related to Apple’s use one of Eminem’s songs (Lose Yourself) in an Apple ad that appeared on MTV in 2003.

The price of peace may have been high. Eminem's legal representatives have in the past said the artist would have required as much as $10 million to endorse any product.