Entera, publisher of Internet Content Delivery Systems, today unveiled its new Real-Time Streaming Protocol/Real-Time Protocol (RTSP/RTP) server, for Apple's QuickTime 4 technology – installed on Sun Microsystems Solaris SPARC platform. The server allows end users, content providers and ISP's to stream movies, music and interactive content using QuickTime 4 on the Solaris platform.

"The proliferation of high speed broadband cable and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), combined with streaming technology, has created an exciting growth opportunity – for ISPs, content providers and emerging application providers – to deliver streaming media directly to end users," said Douglas M. Robertson, executive vice president of Entera. "Standards-based streaming is a critical enabler to serve content to the mass market."

This free software opens a host of new opportunities for streaming technology. Jim Pollock, vice president of technology and marketing at BusinessWorks said: "Entera's standards-based streaming software was up and running quickly. Streaming Media is the next hot technology in the corporate training market. We intend to integrate Entera's streaming software with our SpeakEasy Technology."

QuickTime 4 has been downloaded by over 12 million users since its introduction, and is the first Internet-streaming solution using non-proprietary industry-standard protocols. The new Solaris server technologies offer the opportunity for ISP's to deliver video-on-demand.