Entourage users can now use iSync to keep their data updated on multiple devices for the first time.

Information Appliance Associates (IAA) has released PocketMac GoBetween, an automated iSync plug-in that synchronizes Entourage data to iCal and the OS X Address Book. This means Entourage users can have their data fully supported and synchronized by devices.

IAA chief technical officer Terence Goggin said: "While there are a lot of mobile devices supported, iSync only synchronizes data with Apple's Address Book and iCal – it doesn't support Microsoft Entourage. That's why we created this product."

The company has been testing the software for five months, and claims it to be so fully integrated with iSync that each time a user syncs with their phone, handheld, iPod or other device, that same data is also synchronized against Entourage.

The software lets users sync data with a wide range of devices that would otherwise not sync with Entourage. These include certain Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and Siemens phones; iPods and iPod minis; Palm and Handspring PDAs.

It requires Mac OS X 10.2.6 or higher, Office v.X or Office 2004 and iSync, and costs $24.95.

For a limited period, customers will also receive free software to change the look and feel of their Sony Ericsson T610, P900 and T68i phones into that of a miniature Mac.