Sotec has unveiled its new line of eOne PCs, after revamping the design. The only obvious change is the colour, which is now a metallic "Millennium Blue" rather than the original translucent blue and white.

The redesign was a response to a Tokyo District Court injunction barring the company from selling the original eOne. The injunction came after Apple filed a lawsuit, accusing Sotec and its partners of copying the iMac design.

The new eOne line has three models, the eOne 500 with 64MB of memory, the eOne 500A with 128MB, and the eOne 500B with 128MB of memory and Office 2000 Personal software pre-installed.

Sotec believes that the change of colour is enough to ensure that customers will not be "confused" by the iMac and eOne. Apple Japan, however, is not convinced, and plans to investigate whether the new design contravenes the injunction.