Epic Interactive has posted a downloadable demo of its forthcoming game, Earth 2140 on its Web site.

Epic Interactive first announced plans to begin launching a series of Macintosh titles last year.

Earth 2140, originally developed by Topware Interactive, is a real time strategy (RTS) game. The Eurasian Dynasty battles against the United Civilized States in a giant war to settle the fate of mankind. Earth 2150, the sequel, has also been optimized for the Mac and should be released next year.

PC port Epic Interactive's manager Thomas Steiding said: "The Earth series is one of the most successful RTS series on the PC. We are pleased that we can bring both 2140 and the sequel to the Mac."

Epic Interactive previously developed games for the Amiga, Linux and BeOS platforms. Steiding explains: “I think the current situation for the Mac is better than it has ever been, especially in the consumer market. It is very encouraging to see Apple take the consumer market seriously.”

The Earth 2140 demo is available for both the Mac and Amiga platforms.