UK software distributor SoftWide is now distributing games from German games developer, Epic Interactive.

SoftWide is shipping Gorky 17, Earth 2140, Knights & Merchants, Birdie Shoot, Amiga Classix II and III, Software Tycoon, the Earth 2140 Mission Pack, Simon The Sorceror 2 and the Feeble Files.

Some of these titles were previously unavailable in the UK, including: Birdie Shoot, the Earth 2140 Mission Pack and Software Tycoon.

As previously reported, SoftWide uses CD-duplication technologies to minimize stock on hand. It currently runs three retail operations, though software is also availble to order form the company's Web site.

You'll find the company's stores at: Unit 142, Whitgift Shopping Centre , Croydon CRO 1UT . 20 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7AA. Kings Walk Shopping Mall, 22 Kings Road, London SW3 4TR.