Epson has made aggressive moves to prevent sales and import of Epson-compatible printer cartridges.

Environmental Business Products, one of the UK's largest importers and distributors of Epson compatible printer cartridges, has stopped importing and supplying Epson compatible printer cartridges as a result of an out of Court settlement reached between it and Epson.

The settlement follows High Court action initiated by Epson against the UK company for infringing a number of patents and registered designs belonging to Epson.

Under terms of the settlement Environmental Business Products has paid Epson's legal costs as well as a "substantial payment" of damages. Full terms are confidential.

Don't undercut our IP

Environmental Business Products managing director Pat Stead said: "We have ceased importing and supplying Epson compatible cartridges because we are not confident of finding Epson compatibles that do not infringe one or more of Epson's patents or registered designs".

Seiko Epson CEO of imaging and information products Seiichi Hirano said: "We will continue the enforcement of our intellectual property to protect our innovative products against importers supplying infringing products."

The company has accomplished similar results in the US, where Multi-Union Trading has see 75 of its Epson-compatible printer cartridges banned form sale there. This settlement, which resolves two US court cases, also saw a significant damages payment.

A similar case against Armor, a French manufacturer of third-party cartridges filed in April this year continues.