Epson has announced that the typical family no longer has 2.4 children and a dog called Rover.

The findings are the result of the company's search for the "typical family" to head-up its next advertising campaign.

Epson's research – in conjunction with telly shrink Chris Steele – hints that the typical British family now consists of 1.6 children, has an income of £24,793 per annum, lives in a house valued at £161,665, and spends £1,875 on holidays each year.

The 1.6 kids are most likely to be called Jack or Chloe and the chances are that Mum and Dad will have gone their separate ways. Each year 286,100 couples get married – but more than half this number (160,000) get divorced.

The typical family spends 11 hours 41 minutes on the Internet each month and takes over 120 digital pictures each year.