Epson has won another victory against a retailer of Epson-compatible inkjet printer cartridges, it said Tuesday.

The Japanese company recently filed patent infringement proceedings against CybaHouse, a reseller of third-party ink cartridges in the UK, to stop the sale and importation of Epson-compatible cartridges. CybaHouse imported the cartridges from an unidentified company in China and sold them in the UK under the "IM Jet" brand, Epson said.

The case has been settled out-of-court after CybaHouse and a sister company, Nutronic, and their directors agreed to cease selling the cartridges in question, Epson said. CybaHouse also agreed to pay Epson's legal costs and an undisclosed sum in damages.

Seiko Epson has reported several successes since early this year after hitting companies selling third-party cartridges that it says infringe on its patents.

In June it settled a case with Multi-Union Trading that saw 75 of Multi-Union's cartridge models barred from being imported to the US. Multi-Union, in Hong Kong, sells its products in the US under the PrintRite brand. A few days later Epson said that Environmental Business Products, a UK company, stopped importing and supplying Epson-compatible printer cartridges as a result of an out of court settlement between the two companies.