A Taiwan court has barred a local manufacturer of continuous ink supply systems from producing models for Seiko Epson printers after receiving a petition from the Japanese company.

Seiko Epson lodged a complaint with the district court in Taichung, central Taiwan, in April, alleging the systems infringe upon its Taiwanese patents. Earlier this month the court issued a preliminary injunction that prohibits U-Bar International from directly or indirectly manufacturing, importing or selling the continuous ink supply system for Epson printers.

Seiko Epson plans to monitor if U-Bar complies with the injunction and will push the case forward if the Taiwanese company is found to be ignoring the court's instructions, said Kenkichi Shibata, a spokesman for Seiko Epson.

The injunction is the latest of several favourable outcomes for Seiko Epson from courts around the world.

Most recently, four German online retailers agreed in out-of-court settlements to stop selling third-party ink cartridges for Epson printers. Last year similar out-of-court settlements were reached with companies in the UK and Hong Kong.

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