SEH Technology has launched the IC157-WLAN-Epson wireless AirPort interface card for Epson printers,.

The card has been developed for use with Epson printers that feature an internal Type B port. It serves to attach these printers to the network using a wireless link, and is based on the AirPort standard. The device integrates security protection (128-bit) and costs £274.

The card has a top transmission-distance of 160 metres in open spaces. Print data is transmitted at 550 kbs, and features 1MB Flash memory and 2MB RAM. It supports all common protocols and network operating-systems, and offers a range of configuration and management options, including FTP and browser management.

The unit ships with a Mac admin utility, the MacNetTool. Features include print-job monitoring, access protection (Protected IP printing), direct printing of status and configuration information through a status button, and automatic error notification using email.

The company offers similar devices for HP and Kyocera Mita printers. The unit supports System 7.x to Mac OS 9.x and OS X 10.x. It costs £274.