Epson has agreed a settlement with UK internet retailer Recharge Inkjet Technologies ( over the sale of ink cartridges for Epson printers.

Recharge has agreed not to infringe Epson's patents and registered designs in future, and to pay a substantial settlement to Epson. The full terms of the settlement are confidential.

Mr Scott, director of Recharge said: "Following discussions with Epson, we have discontinued our range of ink cartridges compatible with Epson branded printers because of concerns that they may infringe Epson's intellectual property rights. will continue to stock the full range of Epson original inks and Epson multi-packs, so our customers continue to benefit from the many significant long-term benefits when using ink cartridges manufactured by Epson."

Nick Butler, managing director, Epson UK said: "Genuine Epson ink is the highest quality ink you can use for your Epson printer. Our investment into research and development has ensured that we are providing premium quality output for our customers and that both our ink and our printers work in harmony together.  We welcome's decision to remove the cartridges complained of and its recognition of the importance of respecting Epson's intellectual property rights."