Like Motorola's UK workers last month, Epson US staff now stand ready to be globalized.

Epson US will lay off over 800 employees, claims the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). The lay offs will strike Epson's Hillsboro, Oregon plant, where 520 full-time and 300 contract workers will be affected.

The jobs will be moved to factories in Asia in an effort to save costs with cheaper labour, the WSJ said. About 250 workers are to remain in Hillsboro, working primarily in research and development, the report added.

"Epson has 16 years of involvement in the Hillsboro and Portland area business communities," said Akio Mitsuishi, Epson president. "We deeply regret the impact of this decision on our employees and their families. Our employees have always been our greatest strength and asset. At the same time we have confidence that these changes will improve our focus and ability to achieve success for our continuing business."