Martian Technology has released SlingShot 2.0.3, an update to its file and music synchronisation application for Mac OS X.

The software lets users synchronise their entire music library between their Macs. Among other features it lets you publish an iTunes playlist of music on your network, and allows you to subscribe to that playlist using other machines.

SlingShot will copy over any songs from the playlist that don't exist in a subscribed computer's music library. Once songs are synced, the software will automatically watch as more songs are added to the source playlist.

To assist the software in achieving this, it is equipped with support for Apple's 'Bonjour' technology to make it easier to find other machines on a network.

SlingShot 2.0.3 fixes several bugs related to synchronising music in iTunes 7 between computers connected over a network.

The software costs $29.99, a free demo version of the software is available.