Microsoft has failed in its attempt to convince the EU to extend its deadline for the company to respond to charges of antitrust behaviour.

The company now has until October 17 to respond to the EU's antitrust charges, which were issued in August. The EU accuses Microsoft of illegally trying to extend its desktop Windows OS dominance into markets for servers and multimedia players.

Microsoft has criticized the EU's refusal to give it more time to respond to the charges. Spokewoman Tiffany Steckler told Associated Press: "Ten weeks (total) to respond in comparison to the 20 months it took them to put this file together is disappointing – there's a lot of new information in there."

If found guilty, Microsoft faces a fine of up $3 billion and could be required to disclose more of its software code to rivals and change the way it sells its software.

Written replies were due this week, the report says.