Qualcomm has released Eudora 6.0.

The free version of the popular email client offers features to handle high volume emails, an e-mail thread condenser, and mailbox organizational shortcuts.

Customers who pay for and register their copy of Eudora get SpamWatch, a feature that automatically filters out junk mail. Eudora 6.0 automatically sends spam to a Junk Box.

Like Apple's Mail app, Eudora's spam filters can be trained. A numeric ranking system is employed in the Junk Mail folder, with a higher rating indicating that more criteria defining a message as spam are fulfilled. This makes searching for wanted mail easier, the company claims.

Other features include: automatic type formatting tools; Contextual Filing, which enables messages to be automatically filed to a specified mailbox or folder; Mailbox Drawer, which enables users to access their list of mailboxes from any mailbox window; and Content Concentrator, an email thread condenser that provides a streamlined view of an email.

Eudora offers improved filtering and transfer actions in Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) mode, and because Eudora features an open API architecture in both Paid mode and Sponsored mode, third party plug-ins are supported.

Eudora 6.0 is available for download. Paid mode is $49.95 for new purchasers or $39.95 as an upgrade for registered users of version 4.3 and above. In free mode, users must accept advertising through the application.