Apple has announced the satellite coordinates for Europe for CEO Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld Expo New York on July 18.

He is expected to introduce new and upgraded products during the show – these could include speed-bumped Power Macs, a refreshed iMac-range and possibly a new G4 PowerBook with a built-in CD-RW drive.

It's believed Jobs will announce Mac OS X 10.0.5, a more stable build that may offer better support for external devices, including scanners and DVD players. Representatives from Apple's major development partners could join him onstage. Sillicon Valley News reports that Adobe's senior vice president of Web publishing, Bryan Lamkin will be one such figure.

The keynote broadcast will be available between 1430-1700 Central European Time, with 1430-1500 as a test on the following coordinates:

Eutelsat W2 @ 16E B1 DVB1
Downlink Frequency = 11013.67 Horizontal
Symbol Rate = 5.6320
FEC = 3/4
Encoded = NDS 4:2:0

The keynote will also be Web cast using QuickTime.