Music fans in the UK, France and Germany have downloaded more than 800,000 songs from the iTunes Music Store since it was launched last Tuesday, with the UK accounting for over half the downloads – a total of 450,000.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "After selling over 800,000 songs during its first week, iTunes is Europe's top online music store. In the UK alone, iTunes sold more than 450,000 songs in the last week – 16 times as many as OD2, its closest competitor."

The Pixies' new track – Bam Thwok – maintained the number one spot on the Today's Top Songs section of the UK iTunes site for much of last week after alternative music radio station XFM told listeners that they could download the track from Apple's service.

Pixies manager Ken Goes said: "By distributing our first new song in 13 years exclusively on iTunes, we were able to quickly and inexpensively make it available to millions of fans in the United States and Europe. One week after its release, we are thrilled at the response from iTunes users that have helped to make Bam Thwok a top seller across four countries."

Today's top tracks are This Love by Maroon 5 and Dry Your Eyes by The Streets. Other tracks in the top 10 include Hey Ya! by Outkast, Fit but you know it by The Streets, and Flawless by George Michael.

The new Beastie Boys album – To the 5 Boroughs – maintains the number one position on the album chart.

There are now 72 iMixes on the UK store – with many of the top-rated compilations calling for better representation of the indie labels.