UK Mac users are growing restless for the chance to buy music online.

Virgin, Tiscali, MSN and others all offer online digital-music retail services for Windows users in Europe, with Coca-Cola this week confirming it also plans to get involved in the UK digital download market.

However, Apple's negotiations to launch a service in Europe are ongoing. The company's US-only iTunes Music Store has sold 20 million tracks in seven months in the US.

The majority of Europe's Windows-friendly services are supplied tracks by OD2, a company founded by Apple Master Peter Gabriel. OD2 acts as a warehouse for companies hoping to distribute music online. It took OD2 three years to arrange licensing deals with Europe's music moguls.

Europe's Mac users don't want to wait three years for Apple to arrange licensing arrangements, so Swedish Mac user Jacob Landefjord has launched a petition entreating Apple to launch its service: "We, the undersigned feel that the opening of the iTunes Music Store in Europe would be a great success and sell a lot of music and iPods," the petition reads. It has attracted 415 signatures so far.

"I started this to encourage Apple and the music labels in their work to bring iTunes Music Store to Europe," Landefjord told Macworld.

iTunes remains unavailable here as the company struggles to negotiate a trans-European deal with the Byzantine labyrinth that is music industry licensing and territory arrangements in Europe.