Europe's digital music distributors are tooling up to take on Apple's iTunes Music Store in the region, despite none of the competitors offering support for Mac users.

In an attempt to steal a little limelight, (Coca-Cola's music download site) claims it remains Europe's biggest store, and that it has sold 500,000 songs in the last two months. The service uses technology and catalogue provided by OD2.

Coca Cola spokesman Rafael McDonnell told the BBC: "Research showed us that downloading music was going be a huge change in the way that consumers access music and we were ahead of the curve with the introduction of"

Napster yesterday announced US plans to give away MP3 players with Napster subscriptions, while on the eve of Apple's iTunes launch, OD2 announced new technologies and pricing structures.

Meanwhile, waiting in the wings sits Sony, which intends to launch its Sony Connect service later this month.

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