Quark has released QuarkWrapture in Europe.

QuarkWrapture is a 3D-visualization solution that helps designers create packaging designs.

It fuses a computer-assisted-design (CAD) structure to graphic design, creating a virtual-package design in a single file.

It can give a 3D rendering of the package with a single mouse-click. Mock-ups can be created and delivered in JPEG or QuickTime VR formats, bypassing the need to build mock-ups and speeding up the design process.

Jürgen Kurz, director of product management at Quark, said: "With QuarkWrapture, designers can deliver 3D proofs by using e-mail or Web postings and clients can see the designs from every angle. Changes can be viewed instantaneously, ideas can be exchanged quickly and easily and the cost and time involved in producing packages is reduced."

Available now, the European list price has been set at £4,757, plus an additional £1,360 for unlimited technical support and upgrades for a year.