Europe's Internet users are technologically literate music fans who buy CDs and DVDs, according to Jupiter Research in its most recent European Consumer Survey.

Jupiter Research analyst Mark Mulligan said that Internet downloaders are: "More likely to listen to digital radio and visit artist Web sites. There is compelling evidence that this group is the bedrock community for those willing to pay for legitimate (online) music services in the future."

Europe's Internet-connected households are buying digital devices – 76 per cent of 5,000 people surveyed own a CD burner, for example.

Digital hub becoming a reality The research support Apple CEO Steve Jobs' digital hub vision, first espoused during Macworld Expo San Francisco in 2001. Jobs described a future that placed the Mac at the centre of the "evolving digital lifestyle". His vision has now been adopted by most major PC firms.

Europe's digital consumers frequently own more than one device, and plan to buy more: CD burner owners often have digital cameras, and over 50 per cent of consumers surveyed plan to buy more digital products, such as DVD burners, computers or digital video cameras, in the coming year, the research claims.

"Multiple device ownership is not only commonplace, it is becoming the norm and represents a growing opportunity for unified digital media software that facilitates the use of several types of content in one environment for multiple device owners," the report says.

European market ripe Fifty per cent of the 5,000 people talked to for the survey owned DVD burners; 47 per cent had digital cameras, 46 per cent own digital video cameras and 15 per cent of the statistical sample download movies. The analysts believe this means Europe's consumers are ready to consume a variety of digital media types, such as DVDs, CDs and digital music.

The researchers also saw a correlation between respondents who owned multiple devices and broadband. Those with multiple devices are "more likely" to have broadband. This presents an opportunity for digital services in Europe, such as iTunes Music Store or Roxio's forthcoming Napster 2.0 service.

The report also looks at how particular groups of digital early adopters use technology, for example, nearly half of music downloaders own notebooks and 93 per cent of those in this group surveyed have downloaded a movie. 69 per cent own a digital music player.