According to a survey, Europeans are not interested in a gadget that would play music and video.

The survey by Jupiter Research found that just five per cent are interested in a device that plays both music and video.

Over a quarter (27 per cent) were only interested in a gadget that just plays music. Jupiter questioned 5,000 consumers from Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain and Italy.

The findings go some way to back up Apple CEO Steve Jobs claims that there is no market for portable video on the iPod. He doesn't believe that people would want to watch movies on the small screen, in public.

However, 13 per cent of respondents were interested in a portable video-only player and seven per cent would like a gadget that plays video games and has a video-playback feature, according to Jupiter.

On the movie

Reuters suggests that the findings do not bode well for Microsoft, which is trying to kickstart a new market for digital devices that play music and movies with its Portable Media Center software. Microsoft's Bill Gates is convinced that there is a market for devices that allow you to watch movies on the move.

Gates said: "Ask kids in the back of a car on a two-hour trip, 'Hey, would you like to have your videos there?' My kids would "I guess Steve's kids just listen to Bach and Mozart. But mine, they want to watch Finding Nemo. I don't know who made that, but it's really a neat movie."

Jupiter Research analyst Ian Fogg told Macworld: "The key thing is that at the moment portable media is about music. Not video. At the moment all the interest is in music, this will change, but not until video can be added to devices without an increase in size, weight, and price. At the moment the gadgets that offer video too are too big and clumsy to use."

Regarding the iPod Photo, he added: "Apple has managed to add photo display capabilities to the iPod without increasing the size, this is crucial."

Another problem with do-everything devices is that "there is a relative shortage of multimedia content to play on them," he told Reuters:.