Europress, one of the UK’s top publishers of educational software, has announced its return to the Mac platform – stating that all its future titles will be Mac-compatible.

Derek Meakin, chairman of Europress, is an avid Mac fan, despite the fact that in the last few years his company has only developed PC software. Europress itself launched the UK’s first Apple magazine, Windfall, in 1981.

However, Meakin says Apple’s changing fortunes and bad management forced the company to focus its attention on the PC. He explains: "We were really excited by the arrival of the new Mac in 1984, and were convinced the platform would dominate personal computing.

"But eventually we became dissatisfied with the marketing policies of the people running Apple UK. The dwindling market share forced us to turn our attention to top selling machines like the BBC Micro, and later the PC."

Europress publishes educational titles such, as the interactive graphical adventure game Vikings. The latest Mac catalogue contains 24 Mac titles, compared to 165 in the company’s PC catalogue, but from now on all titles will be developed for the Mac.

The first of the new Mac-compatible titles will be about the children’s cartoon character, Spot. The new title was shown at ECTS (European Computer Trade Show), at Olympia in London this week.

According to Meakin, the return to the Mac platform was prompted by the success of the iMac and the arrival of the latest G4.