UK developer EuroTalk Interactive will appear at Apple Expo Paris next month to demonstrate soon-to-be released Mac OS X versions of its language-learning products.

The company currently offers a range of 80 languages, and will extend this to 110 during the coming months. Three different levels of language tuition are available, from beginners to advanced.

The company's products are available in PC World, HMV, Virgin, bookshops, larger newsagents and many Mac resellers. Its products are available in the US, distributed by Topics Entertainment under the Instant Immersion imprint. EuroTalk Interactive ships some 150,000 plus units per year.

Company chairman Richard Howeson told Macworld: “We've always been mad for the Mac. We could never have launched our business ten years ago if it were not for the advanced multimedia capabilities of the platform.”

The company also produces products for PCs – for ten years, all its releases have been hybrid: “For us it's a golden rule”, said Howeson.

The company is currently working with the beta versions of its software, expects to demonstrate French, German and Greek products at Apple Expo, and hopes to ship Mac OS X, 9.x and Windows-supporting products (in the same box) starting mid-October.

Howeson explained the company's philosophy for language learning: “We believe that learning should be fun, easy and addictive.” He cited research from the University of California proving memory is vastly improved when learners have fun.