Yet more evidence to support rumours of an iPod mobile phone hybrid has emerged - this time within the code behind iTunes 7.0.1.

A website has found multiple mentions of a mobile phone that can play videos and display images - and these mentions are inside the code itself.

The mentions detail content management, synchronisation, format incompatibility, manual management of content and more. There's even one string which says: "iTunes cannot sync photos to the mobile phone, because your Aperture Library could not be found".

It also reveals that the phone can carry music from up to five iTunes Store accounts.

Gizmodo has a full list of mentions of such a device.

The evidence emerges as American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu - who has been one of the most outspoken analysts in making claims that Apple will release an iPod/mobile phone hybrid - removes the company's shares from its Focus List.

The reason?

Because Apple's present share price may reflect too much investor optimism in the release of such a device.

"While we remain long-term positive, we believe Apple shares may reflect too much near-term cell phone optimism," Wu warns. He maintains a 'Buy' rating on Apple stock with a $91 price target.