Sony Online Entertainment is accepting registrations for beta testers for its massive multiplayer game, EverQuest for the Mac.

To take part in the beta test, gamers need to fill in an online application form and possess a valid Station account. Testing is scheduled to begin "soon". The Mac OS X version of the game was announced in July 2002. Already widely enjoyed by PC gamers.

EverQuest will be offered through The Station (which began experimenting with Mac support in January, 2002). When the move to the Mac was announced, Sony Online Entertainment's VP marketing, Scott McDaniel called the move ?a logical step? in developing Sony's online community.

?Combine the power and stability of Mac OS X with Apple's outstanding desktop systems and you've got an incredible gaming environment that'll take full advantage of EverQuest's huge and seamless 3D world?, he said.

Westlake Interactive has been working on the Mac port of the title, which at times supports over 100,000 simultaneous players.

EverQuest offers an enormous fantasy world that players explore, alone or in teams. The game offers players towns and cities to explore, economic systems, alliances and political alliances.

Players can adopt any of 13 races, 14 character classes and begin their quest in any number of places on different continents. As they purse their quest, players can acquire skills, collect items and worship gods.