Palm has named David Nagel as president and CEO of the Palm OS platform subsidiary the company is creating.

Nagel was senior vice-president, with responsibility for worldwide research-&-development, at Apple for many years. After he left Apple, he moved to AT&T where he became chief technology officer. He also served on the board of Palm.

Nagel was one of the main protagonists in the development of Copland, which Apple attempted to develop as its next-generation operating system before purchasing NeXT and moving to OS X. Nagel joins Palm on September 17.

Perfect solution Carl Yankowski, CEO of Palm, said: "We can think of no one more qualified to shape our Platform Solutions Group into a highly competitive, wholly owned subsidiary than Dave Nagel.

"His broad background and technical acumen is well known. He hits the ground running with a deep understanding of the Palm OS, its strengths and its full potential."

Nagel said: "I am excited about the potential to extend the reach of Palm's platform as the mobile market expands into new areas, such as wireless communications and multimedia."

Be purchase Also new to Palm's board is Steve Sakoman, who is to become chief technology officer of the OS subsidiary, once Palm's purchase of BeOS is completed.

Palm is purchasing all Be's intellectual property and technology assets for $11 million - approximately ten per cent of the amount offered by Apple when it tried to purchase Be as an alternative OS in the 1990s.

Sakoman was once Apple's director of CPU development, responsible for the Apple II and Macintosh products. He was also deeply involved in the development of the first PDA - Apple's doomed Newton.

Palm has also elected to split into two - one arm of the company to concentrate on hardware, and the Platform Solutions Group to concentrate on the OS.