A former school commissioner in Georgia has thrown a spanner in the works of a programme that could furnish thousands of teachers and students with iBooks.

Former Cobb County commissioner Butch Thompson filed a lawsuit against the proposal due to concerns about the funding of the programme. He claims that voters were miss-informed about the original plans for the money.

Thompson claims that voters were not fully informed about the tax override passed in 2003 that helped fund the programme. He says school officials at the time promised to replace obsolete computer workstations rather than lease laptops.

"I didn’t vote for laptops for every student in the county, and I don’t think anyone else did. In essence, they took funds designated for one purpose and used it for something else" Thompson told the Associated Press.

The plan was approved in May and could eventually see 63,000 iBooks in the hands of Cobb school-kids. The roll out has already begun.