Microsoft will today release the Microsoft Exchange Update for Entourage X 10.1.4.

The update provides "enhanced functionality between Entourage X for Mac and Microsoft Exchange Server," the company says. Exchange Server is an enterprise server designed with powerful features that has been developed as a messaging and collaboration solution for both small and large organizations.

Extra Office features

Microsoft recommends all Office v.X users should install the update, as it also contains enhancements to Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The company has not described these features.

The update will be available free for registered Office v.X users from 4pm (UK time).

Macs in any environment

Its release means Mac users in mixed corporate environments that use Exchange Server gain better access to the features offered by Exchange. Primarily, this includes the capacity to view other Exchange user's free and busy times when trying to schedule meetings or events. It also allows for searching of global address lists, and synchronization of Entourage's calendar and address book with the Exchange server for offline use. Finally, the update offers better text rendering – email received from Outlook for Windows users will "feature better readibility", the company said.

Microsoft's Mac Business Unit product manager Jessica Sommer said: "We're thrilled to offer the Exchange update. this is one of the most popular requests we've received since launching Office v.X and we're pleased to give our customers their top feature request. This will give Entourage X users cross-platform compatibility in an email client designed to meet their needs."

The update will be available from Microsoft's Mac Web site.