Toshiba – the company that provides the hard-drive for the iPod – will post a surprise net profit of about ¥8 billion ($72 million) on September 30.

The profit was made possible because of lower-than-expected restructuring costs and because the company lowered its operating income and sales estimates for the six month period leading up to September 30, Toshiba said.

The preliminary results were announced in a statement to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Toshiba will announce its consolidated financial results for the past six months on October 29.

Company spokesman Jun Odaka said: "The semiconductor and electronic device business group's performance has had an effect on the operating profit."

Toshiba's semiconductor and electronic device business group has three main products, system LSIs, (large scale integrated circuits) discrete semiconductors, and flash memory.

System LSIs are designed to handle specific jobs, such as control of a television or digital still camera, typically bringing together the functions of several chips into a single custom chip. Discrete semiconductors are simple chips designed for more specific functions. NAND flash is commonly used in removable storage cards and in mobile phones, for example.