A team of technology experts have begun a week-long virtual round table discussion looking at the future of Apple.

Silicon Valley.com has assembled a twelve-strong team to take a look at the transforming company, looking particularly at Apple's future move to Intel processors, and the challenges it faces in building on the success of its iPod range and the iTunes Music Store.

The team combines analysts, journalists and experts in their fields. The discussion follows a question-and-answer format which can be read by, but not contributed to by, the public.

Introducing the all-star cast

Contributors include: Sun director of Web technologies, Tim Bray; Insight 64 principal analyst, Nathan Brookwood; San Jose Mercury News technology writer, Dawn Chmielewski; Jupiter Research vice president Michael Gartenberg; Envisioneering Group analyst and noted processor expert, Peter Glaskowsky; Daring Fireball publisher, John Gruber; Microprocessor Report editor-in-chief, Kevin Krewell; NetNewsWire developer, Brent Simmons and Mercury News reporter, Dean Takahashi. Wired News content editor and author Leander Kahney also sits on the panel.

The panel also includes Andy Hertzfeld, a key member of the original Apple Macintosh development team who now works for Google.

The final panelist is Mark Gonzales, who was Apple's senior product manager for seven years. During the early '90s he was in Apple's "Star Trek" project to make the Mac OS work on Intel chips.

The discussion has already begun, with the panel's consensus favouring the view that Apple stands at a major crossroads, about to become a much larger player in the computing space while firmly establishing itself as a leading company in the new market for the digital home.