It started with a new mouse and ended with a totally new type of Macintosh computer. Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a 100 per cent restructuring of his company’s desktop computer line-up during his keynote address to New York’s Macworld Expo yesterday.

This entirely new line of desktops includes a cube-shaped Power Mac G4, an all-new iMac family and dual-processor Power Mac G4s. All of these new desktops will ship standard with Apple’s new, innovative optical mouse and full-sized professional keyboard. They will also come pre-installed with Apple’s updated iMovie 2 consumer digital video-editing software. A set of new Apple displays completes the new products’ list.

Cubist revolution The Power Mac G4 Cube – or G4 Cube - delivers the performance of a Power Mac G4 in an eight-inch cube suspended in a stunning crystal-clear enclosure. The G4 Cube (pictured here) is less than one fourth the size of most PCs, yet houses a 450MHz PowerPC G4 processor that reaches "supercomputer speeds" of over three billion calculations per second (Gigaflops), according to Apple. A 500MHz version will also be available.

The G4 Cube (from £1,249 excluding VAT) includes 64MB of memory (expandable to 1.5GB); 20GB of storage (configurable up to 40GB); a top-mounted slot-loading DVD drive; two FireWire and two USB ports; 10/100Base-T ethernet and a 56K V.90 modem.

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New-colour 500MHz iMacs The new iMac line features four new models in refined new colours. The new iMac colours are Indigo, Ruby, Sage and Snow. Even the Graphite colour case has been "improved", according to Apple. The new G3-powered iMacs now run at up to 500MHz, offering larger storage up to 30GB. Prices start at £649 (including VAT).

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Multiprocessing Macs Apple’s all-new Power Mac G4 line features two models that are the first mainstream PCs to come standard with dual processors. The 450MHz and 500MHz Power Mac G4s now each contain two PowerPC G4 processors, delivering up to 7 billion calculations per second.

Apple claims that, when running Adobe Photoshop, the dual-processor 500MHz Power Mac G4 is as fast as a 2GHz Pentium III is expected to be upon its release in 18 months time.

The cheapest multiprocessing Mac costs £1,749 excluding VAT.

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All-new mouse The new optical Apple Pro Mouse does not require a mousepad, and features an ergonomic, full-surface button and new elliptical shape. The new Apple Pro Keyboard offers full-size function and navigation keys, volume control and disc eject keys, as well as two USB ports. Both cost £39, excluding VAT.

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iMovie 2 iMovie 2 features a refined user interface with Mac OS X-like design elements; improved audio-editing capabilities, enhanced controls for titling and transitions, and powerful new special effects. iMovie 2 will be bundled on all FireWire-enabled Macs, including the new iMac, Power Mac G4 Cube and Power Mac G4 systems.

New displays Apple also unveiled a completely new family of displays to complement the new G4 Cube. The new displays include: the see-through 17-inch (16-inch viewable) Apple Studio Display CRT; the 15-inch Apple Studio Display flat panel and the "improved" 22-inch Apple Cinema Display. Each is powered from the computer, eliminating the need for a separate power cord.

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