We asked Macworld Online readers to email us with their views on the news that there'll be no Apple at Apple Expo 2000. In this, our third batch of reader messages, it's clear that UK users aren't very pleased with Apple's reneging on its promise to attend.

1) Yet another kick in the teeth for the Mac community here in the UK. They say that Macintosh users are the most loyal to the platform. Where's the loyalty from Apple to its customers?
- Paul Hartley

2) It's a conspiracy to hand the UK business and home market to Bill Gates on a plate. This is as flabbergasting as the teacher who told me that Xemplar - Apple's own education supplier - sold them a Fujitsu PC!

I spend most of my time defending Macs against the "me-too" attitude of PC owners. This kind of arrogance will serve only to alienate UK Macintosh users. I am so angry, I want to buy a PC
- Neill Blume

3) I feel that Apple's decision to abandon Apple Expo is a mistake. It will have offended and angered unnecessarily both users and dealers alike. It was becoming very rare indeed of late to hear the infamous comment "great machines, shame about the company" that was so common a few years back. Now it is back. It makes a lot of people here feel that the UK market is of little importance for Apple.
The Mac is a community as much as it is a machine, a product or a market. It does need events like the Apple Expo to reinforce this. It doesn't need Apple back-pedalling on their word and offending the very people who have chosen to spend their money and, in the case of dealers and professional users, to make their professional lives and their income depend on their machines.
Apple should reconsider its decision.
- Flavio Matani

4) It seems that time and time again Apple manages to screw things up. It's a vicious cycle they can't seem to break. The moment they come out of the depths of humiliation and near extinction they forget immediately who drives the market. Apple is incorrigibly deaf to what we the consumers want. Mac loyalists have fought and defended Apple for nearly two decades and we're growing weary and unable to carry on. If Apple will not hear the users, then it is time another company become the driving force for real, usable, and ingenious products. Adieu Apple.
- Rohan Samahon

5) Sigh... this is quite sickening, we wait for months to get our computers, we wait for years to get an expo, then no Expo!!!!
- Chris Mahon

6) They must be drunk in the boardroom again! Just shameful, and just when the spirit was rebuilding... Think different again!
- A relatively new Mac user, Jon S.

7) The arrogance and downright ignorance of the so called "smart" people is just appalling.
- Dave Larmer

8) Quite frankly, I'm disgusted - but not remotely surprised. Apple has always been totally arrogant and never given a damn for its customers as far as I can see. Good machines, crap company. The only reason I stick with them is because the Wintel lot are even worse, and I have now invested so much time and money in Mac peripherals and software that it would be a nightmare to change.
- Lynn Daley

9) Apple might as well shoot itself in the head.
- Dominic Old

10) I've used Macs for six years. I've loved Macs for six years. To be honest even if the trade show had gone ahead, I'd probably not have had the chance to go. BUT the people who do attend these events are the important ones - company decision makers, IT managers and graphic platform buyers.
Apple's attitude, as pointed out by so many, is disgustingly arrogant.
If the aforementioned important people can't see this platform represented 'in the flesh', what are they left with?
Eventually this long-term, high-handed dismissal of a common sense need for Apple-based expos is going to kill the Mac platform stone dead.
It's gone on for far too long and, as a punter, I'm sick of hearing and reading reports of 'marketing strategy' from Apple publicity people while we are still forced to pay more than PC owners for our beloved Macs.
To be honest I no longer care. While writing this letter I really am starting to wonder why we bother to follow this paper trail any longer.
- Mark Thomas

11) Just what is going on at Apple these days? Was its recent recovery just a blip? Could it be that underneath its great products, Apple Inc is just as stupid and arrogant as ever?
I find it difficult to believe. I almost forgave the G4 fiasco - even though I was intending on ordering a 500MHz model myself - but pulling out of Expo 2000, why?
Like other people have mentioned, most of us cannot travel to Paris to attend that show - and why should we? We Macintosh users in the UK have stuck by Apple through its darkest days, regularly going to Olympia each November, and now? Well, just today I got a friend her first PowerBook. For the first time ever, I'm regretting I convinced her away from Wintel.
Apple survived because of its users' devotion to the machine. If they disregard us now, heaven help them. I always swore I'd never be caught dead using a Windows machine. Now? It doesn't seem such a bad idea after all. Caught between two monopolists, which one do you choose? I used to favour the underdog - but I'm wising up quickly. I love my PowerBook G3, but I'm beginning to loathe the new Apple.
- St├ęphane Paris

12) History repeats itself, sadly enough! But they won't get away with this so easily. Success is not only about great innovative products, but first of all its about "communication", ... .
- Bernard Voortman.

13) As a loyal Macintosh user since 1985 (125K), I am perplexed about Apple's strategy. As a University lecturer in management, I am always telling my students about ' the marketing concept' ; i.e. identifying customer needs and supplying customer satisfaction. I have used 'Apple' in the past as an example of how not to do it and it looks as I will have many more case studies in the future - the G4 fiasco is already a case study.
But, seriously, would I recommend anyone buying a Mac ? No. Not because of the OS, but because of Apple's instability towards its customers. I remember Ric Ford 18 months ago outlining what he thought was Apple's strategy under the iCEO. He predicted a change back to the "bad old days" as soon as the first smell of success wafted through Apple's HQ. He was right.
Basically, as a potential consumer, I don't trust Apple. Sorry, but that is my considered opinion. And that is why I have not reinvested in Apple products for the last five years.
- K H Waters

14) This is a disgrace and a disaster!
- Robert Cummins, an architect who was going to the show from Ireland