Reaction to Apple’s latest range of hardware was positive at Macworld Expo, New York, yesterday - with the G4 Cube receiving the most attention.

The Cube is the first mainstream computer with USB, monitor and video connectivity all in one cable. It packs more power than a Pentium in a box one quarter the size, according to Apple.

Scott Benson, of American Express publishing, said: "It’s incredible. It’s like something from Mission Impossible - the release handle makes it like a covert nuclear bomb."

Marital spat Chandra Burgbush, a tech advisor from a mid-West high school, didn’t like it, she said: "It seems to lack focus. It seems empty." Her husband, Mark, disagreed. "The Cube is great," he enthused, "I love the achievement in technology it represents."

Newer Technology’s Roger Kasten said: "I love the Cube, it’s so cool looking."

If reaction on the show floor is anything to go buy, the Tangerine iMac will not be missed. One attendee said: "If you want orange, get an iBook."

Pushing Snow Jonathan Ive, Apple’s design chief, reportedly sees the Snow iMac as a "camouflaged machine", ideal for offices that need their kit to disappear into the ambience. Others see Apple’s new colour scheme as a disappointment. Reaction has been mixed. Some describe Apple’s new product as a machine that looks "unfinished", others complain the machine is too opaque. No one condemns the computer for lack of power, though.

The Pro Mouse and Pro keyboard came in for wide support. Zack Ukibe, of Connectix, said: "I love the new keyboard and mouse." Others praised the ergonomic simplicity, design integrity and high quality of Apple’s new product. As the mouse was announced, Jobs said: "Apple may not always get it right, but we do listen."

Every keynote attendee received a free mouse and the price for both products has been kept deliberately low.

Ethernet shock John Wallace, president of Power On Software, who are currently developing back-up utility Rewind, said: "We were surprised by multiprocessing. Gigabit ethernet on the motherboard was totally unexpected, too. I like the new machines."

Exhibitors enjoyed extremely busy traffic during Expo day one. Debra Osborne, of Blizzard Entertainment’s public relations, said: "People have been really pleased so far. Reaction has been excellent."

Ron Dimant, of games developer Ritual Entertainment, said: "The Expo seems busier than ever."