Connectix has released CopyAgent, an application for Macs that automates and streamlines back-up jobs.

The application combines personal-data management capabilities with a utility, TurboKeys, that lets users input commands with their keyboard - rather than mouse. It also lets users assign key commands to automate repetitive tasks.

Connectix claims the application helps users automate file back-up, all within a single interface. Back-ups can be made, modified and kept track of with a few mouse clicks. The application offers three options - Normal, SmartReplace and Synchronise. Normal mode copies all the files from source to destination. SmartReplace copies only new or changed files from the source, and Synchronize mode syncs up the back up procedure - so contents of both source and destination folder match.

The application also hosts a security feature, which lets users manage and erase sensitive data. Data erasure puts data beyond the reach of recovery software.

TurboKeys lets users access drop menus with user-configured key combinations. The application requires a G3 or better processor, and Mac OS 8.5 or later. CopyAgent will cost $39 in the US – no UK price is available yet.