Sophisticated Circuits has launched Kick-off!, the first USB device in its PowerKey family of Macintosh protection products.

The device, which connects via the USB port, is automated, and is designed to restart Macs on shut down. It’s particularly well-suited for Internet, intranet and workgroup servers, according to the company. Kick-off! is available now at $179, from Sophisticated Circuits.

The product monitors unattended computers for problems, automatically relaunching applications, restarting the computer or rebooting it. The solution offers advanced logging, event messaging, and automatic crash detection, recovery and prevention. The unit can also notify remote administrators when such events occur.

WebStar support The log-in feature can record both system and application activities, including date, time, and cause of the problem. The logs are fully customizable. The solution also includes a WebStar API plug-in to enable remote viewing of up-to-the-second log data from any Web browser.

It operates a three-level fall-back mechanism. Also, it automatically relaunches individual failed applications that leave other apps and operating systems running. Should an application fail to relaunch, or crash again more than a set number of times within a set time period, Kick-off!! will restart the Mac. If this fails, or the system crashes, the product will reset the Mac. Kick-off! will relaunch applications that were running when the machine crashed in a pre-set order.