Faye Moss, sales manager for beleaguered Apple Expo 2000, is furious at Apple's broken business promises. In a letter to Apple's interim CEO Steve Jobs - which we publish below in its entirety - she pleads for a re-think. She is keen to point out that these are her views and not necessarily those of USWeb/CKS or the organizers.

Subject: An open letter to the iCEO of Apple.

Dear Steve Jobs

I feel compelled to write to you after your decision to pull Apple Computer UK out of Apple Expo 2000. Apple Expo 2000 was set to be the most exciting and well-attended expo ever to have been held in the UK. To introduce myself, I was the sales manager of the show. I wanted to send you my personal view of what a disaster this is, not only for Apple UK, but also for the UK Macintosh industry as a whole, exhibitors and users alike. I would like to stress at this point that this is NOT a statement from the organizers, but a personal viewpoint from one individual who believed in, and indeed sold Apple Expo to others.

I am not sure whether you realise how successful the UK Apple Expo was set to be. I have attached, for your interest, the list of companies who had committed or were about to sign for the show. The excitement among the UK Macintosh industry here in the UK, was at a level never seen before. I can say this with certainty as I have worked now on Apple Expos in the UK for four years.

It is pretty apparent already that the consequences of your decision to totally disregard the UK Macintosh marketplace will be far reaching and for once, beyond your control. One particularly interesting Web site which you may want to view is the Macworld UK Web site (www.macworld.co.uk) This will give you pretty comprehensive view of what the response has been.

I cannot feel anything other than complete disappointment with your decision. The effort that we here had put into making this a fantastic Macintosh showcase was far and away beyond the call of duty. The goal was to establish the most successful Expo ever seen in UK, and we were about to achieve it!

I went to the Paris show, and the benefits, for a non-French speaker were limited to say the least! There were very few truly 'European' exhibitors. Most of the stands did not even have an English speaker on the stand. In fact the presentations on the Apple stand were also in French!! Do you really think that the 30,000+ expected attendees to the UK expo can afford or indeed have the time to take the trip to France? All of this of course assumes that these visitors can speak French! And what support does this provide your dealers and distributors here in the UK?, who have supported the platform so loyally. Their response for your interest is disbelief and bitterness! (Although, I really wonder whether you care what happens here)

While the show organizers try desperately to find a conclusion to all of this, the UK Macintosh Industry, users and I are all sitting in limbo wondering whether this is the end of the road for any Mac expos in the UK. We are still waiting for official confirmation about the show. You are the only person (sadly) who seems to have the power to turn this sad farce into a happy ending. The question is will you ?

Sleep well.

Faye Moss

Sales manager of Apple Expo 2000