The editor's email folder has never been so full. Macworld Online readers are still pouring their virtual vitriol over Apple's decision to pull out of Apple Expo 2000, leaving users and business partners bitter at the Mac maker's broken promises. Apple UK's admission that it will definitely not make even a local appearance (see "EXPO: Wednesday meet decides event fate") has only fanned the flames - and flamed the fans.

1) From recent news reports I understood that Apple was sitting on bundles of cash - surely, with the introduction of so much exciting hardware and software, this is the time to spend some of it on a major UK promotional event? You've got to give, if you want to take!
- Jon James

2) US companies might like to think of Europe as another united federal republic on the other side of the Atlantic, but it is a real disappointment that Apple believes an expo in Paris will satisfy its loyal users in the UK. We feel closer in many ways to the States than to France, I believe, and the feeling expressed in your column that Apple treats the UK market with contempt is borne out by the lack of presence in UK shops of software for Mac OS and Apple machines themselves, together with the easy payment options for buying them that are provided for Windows machines.
Just recently I recalled Steve Jobs' announcement last year that Intuit would be supporting the Apple platform again with Quicken - yet when I look for the UK version, it is not to be found. So I bought the Windows one.
Apple has to learn that it needs to be seen to support users in countries outside the US. Just how difficult is it to do this in another English-speaking country like the UK?
Apple needs to present to the public through as many channels as possible the idea that we can do most things we want to on a Macintosh. To ditch a psychologically potent forum, such as Apple Expo in the UK, will do more damage to Apple than the dollars saved will help them. Hello Windows.
- Mark Seymour

3) Having worked with, and loved using, Macs since 1988, I've suffered the roller-coaster ride with the rest of the Mac faithful, stoically defending my choice of platform against a barrage of taunts from Wintel types. I was considering introducing Macs into my company, rigidly Wintel-based though it is. But how can I begin to defend this choice of platform to my bosses when they can rightly respond by indicating the lack of support, the fact that it doesn't even have a single trade show any more?
Personally, it'd be far easier for me to accept the 'inevitable' and buy myself a Windows PC for home, spend the rest of my life swearing at it, recalling my days using Macs with misty eyes, and sniggering ironically whenever this display of Jobs' supreme arrogance happens again.
- Matt Whiting (angry)

4) Surely Apple can support us a little more then this? How can it decide to pull out of the UK Expo just like this? It is a far more important event to people on the ground then Apple obviously seems to think! It is the people who support these events that support the company. I know sometimes hard decisions need to be made, but this one makes no sense. Even if the event only broke even financially it would be a success; as it is a showcase. I don't see any option for Apple in this case - it has to show!
- Marisa Doyle

5) Apple pulling out of its own show is beyond belief. Especially when the show organizers have done so well in selling space to exhibitors. This was going to be an incredibly successful show. Is Apple completely insane?
It shows contempt for its vendors and users. Apple has hurt very loyal and long-suffering vendors and buyers by this jesture. How phenomenally stupid to do that to such a loyal following. It certainly has done some irreparable damage to the very-important Mac community feeling. Two fingers to you to Apple!
- Martin Harries