Close to the second birthday of its phenomenally successful range of consumer personal computers, Apple has revamped its entire iMac line up. The four new models in refined new colours also receive speed bumps, up to 500MHz. Storage has also been increased, up to 30GB. And the iMac DVs’ digital video-editing software has also been upgraded to iMovie 2.

The new iMac colours are Indigo (deep blue), Ruby (rich red), Sage (pale green) and Snow (all white). The Graphite iMac DV SE has also been improved to match its new-coloured brethren.

"This is a major milestone in the iMac's history," said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, during his keynote speech at New York’s Macworld Expo.

"iMac is now more stunning and accessible than ever. It is simply the world’s best computer for connecting to the Internet and making desktop movies in the home or classroom," he claimed.

Entry level The new entry-level iMac still features a 350MHz PowerPC G3 processor, but is now available in Indigo for a "breakthrough" price of £649 (including VAT). It features 64MB of memory and a 7.5GB hard drive.

Jobs described the new Indigo colour as a "beautiful new blue". All the new iMac colours reflect the popular see-through plastics of the Graphite iMac DV SE. Where the old Blueberry, Strawberry, and Lime iMacs had a slightly murky, semi-transparent case, the new iMacs show off more of their insides and offer a lot more attractive colours.

FireWire The entry-level iMac does not include FireWire connectivity. The iMac DV, on the other hand, does include two high-speed FireWire ports, and brings iMovie desktop video-editing to an under-US$1,000 iMac. Featuring a 400MHz G3 processor, 64MB RAM and 10GB hard drive, it is available in Indigo and Ruby for £799. It does not include a DVD-ROM drive - instead sticking, like the entry-level model, to a CD-ROM drive.

The new iMac DV+ adds yet more speed and storage, featuring a 450MHz G3, 64MB RAM, 20GB disk drive, slot-loading DVD-ROM drive with DVD-Video playback, and iMovie 2 software. It is available in Indigo, Ruby and Sage for £999.

Jobs described the new Sage colour as "graphite with a few drops of Emerald City in it".

Apple is calling the iMac DV Special Edition the "ultimate iMac", featuring a super-fast 500MHz G3, 128MB RAM and huge 30GB hard drive. It is available in Graphite and a new Snow colour for £1,199.

Jobs claimed that even the Graphite case is "new and improved".

All the new iMacs come standard with Apple’s new, innovative optical mouse and new pro keyboard.

The three iMac DV models are available immediately on the online Apple Store, and through Apple Authorized Resellers. The entry-level iMac will begin shipping next month.