UK Macintosh users planning protest action at Apple Expo, Paris, have decided to cancel the action.

The decision follows discussion between protestors representatives and Apple’s PR department. A meeting is planned between Apple and its customers next week.

First step A protestor’s representative said: "We are encouraged that the company has taken the first step of listening to its customers here in the UK."

The group of UK Macintosh users are angered by Apple’s dumping of the UK OS, and vexed that updates need to be downloaded from Apple’s Web site as most Europeans do not enjoy free Internet access.

Legal woes

The group is also angry at Apple’s treatment of some of its fans - the fate of MacCards is mentioned as representative of Apple’s strong-arm legal approach to some of its customers. They accuse the company of "lack of tact, and consideration".

Apple’s treatment of smaller Apple dealers is also slammed - the withdrawal of "Authorised Reseller" status has hurt many. The profit margins for smaller dealers are minimal, protestors claim.

Public opinion
The group is appealing for feedback from European Macintosh users to take into the meeting with Apple.

Apple representatives were unavailable to comment.