In Macworld Online's sixth collection of reader rants, we hear more exasperation from UK Macintosh users regarding Apple's decision to pull out of, and endanger, Apple Expo 2000.

1) Lets face it Apple pulling out, equals Apple does not give a damn about the show, so where does that leave the exhibitors. I for one will not be attending without Apple's presence, sorry exhibitors. I would suggest that they contact their US counterparts and ask if they would lean on Apple US. Could this decision be all to do with Steve Jobs decision not to turn up. If so then forget him Apple, we like Apple for its products not its management.
- Stephen

2) I would just like to add my voice to the other dedicated Macintosh users who find it disgusting that Apple have decided to pull out, once again, from the Expo.
I feel betrayed when, after all these years of backing the Mac against all the odds, this kind of treatment for its users surfaces once more. How can I face all the PC users, and stand up for Apple when this kind of thing happens. It would never happen with Microsoft!
I am seriously considering for the first time running down my much loved Mac equipment, and going to a more reliable company.
- Mark Hamilton (Disgusted)

3) I've used Macs for 12 years, but I haven't attended a Mac show since Apple first pulled out; the prime reason for going was to assess new models and new software. In the first instance, I was puzzled as to why Apple would allow a show to be run to support its platform, without it in attendance; since then I've just felt more and more annoyed at its attitude. I really can't see why suppliers put up with it; they probably won't for much longer...
- Chris Laslett

4) I am very unhappy with Apple. For myself, a user from the very beginning. Why should I carry on carrying the flag as we, the Apple community have done for so long. Most of my friends are Windoze users. They don't understand me, and I guess the only reason for not going over to the other side is that I am lazy. My friends can do everything I can do. Perhaps I will join them.
Marks & Spencer thought it knew better a few years ago. And now?
So Apple, you better watch out. Your customer base, your resellers, and manufacturers may 'Think Different'.
- Ian Forsey

5) Apple is definitely letting people down.
- Robert J. Fisher