SPSS, publishers of the world’s best-selling statistical software, returned to the Mac yesterday at Macworld Expo.

The release, SPSS 10.0 for Mac, is the first Mac release from the company since 1995. SPSS 10.0 can apply predictive modelling to data and output reports. It also has a built-to order Mac interface.

The Mac version was engineered by software developer MacKiev, and is a reengineered port from the Windows version. The application runs as a native Mac app, but is compatible with the Windows version.

SPSS’s Mark Battaglia said: "It’s a triumphant return to the Mac for us."

SPSS first revealed its intent to return to the Mac last autumn. The move was seen as a justification of the hard work Apple has put in to bringing major developers back to the platform.

SPSS is expected to ship in the UK in October. The US price is $999, UK price is pending.