Synthetik Software is demonstrating major enhancements to its award-winning Studio Artist application, at Macworld Expo.

Studio Artist is described as the world’s first graphics synthesiser. Company president John Dalton said: "When I first conceived of Studio Artist, I saw it as a visual application based on the same concepts as a music synthesiser. You can take an image, or elements of an image, appply effects and edits in order to create a completely new picture."

Version 1.5 of the application will feature editable-timeline animation for all the different features of the app. Interactive 2D painting will also be offered. A new resolution-independent effects-processing mode is supported, called the Texture Synthesiser, and image and movie-morphing capabilities will be enhanced.

3D paint and light effects are included, with a series of other powerful enhancements to the program.

Studio Artist offers over 1,000 presets, is pressure-sensitive and can create images in many styles. Users can also create brushes, texture palettes and artistic processes. Images and movies can be exported to other applications for further processing. Version 1.5 is available now, and a free email upgrade is offered for registered users. The program costs $329.