Metrowerks has announced a version of its CodeWarrior development tools designed for "students new to programming".

CodeWarrior Learning Edition offers beginners a simplified approach to programming – helping novices grasp the essentials of programming, according to company.

Writing code The application supports C, C++ and Java, and runs on both Mac OS and Windows. Simple to install, it offers a simple integrated development environment (IDE) so learners can focus on writing code, rather than learning tools. The menu bars are customizable - it’s possible to drag elements on or off them, and arrange the elements to fit users needs. The application also includes a graphics package, to add geometric shapes and graphic images to the software they create.

Product documentation has been developed with students in mind – training materials and an Introduction to CodeWarrior training course are included. The software costs $49. Visit Metrowerks for UK shipping information.

Metrowerks revealed it would deliver CodeWarrior development tools and training for the development of Mac OS X applications during Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference this year. The company released a beta version of these tools there. The tools will be backward compatible – so developers will be able to build Mac OS applications for older versions of the operating system. Registered users of CodeWarrior for Mac OS Version 5.0 can request a copy of the beta online from Metrowerks.