Extensis has added automated file delivery to its Preflight Online service.

Its integrated FTP service lets customers check, collect and transmit digital print jobs over the Internet using a browser.

Preflight Online looks for common, and not-so-common, print errors - such as missing fonts and images, bad colour calibration and low-resolution JPEGs. It's extremely secure, as the documents don't need to be uploaded for the pre-flight check, according to Extensis. No additional software is required for the check other than a small plug-in for a browser.

Direct dispatch Extensis has added the FTP service so customers can despatch documents directly to a print bureau using Extensis' servers.

Extensis' senior product manager Joseph Schorr said: "While many printers currently host FTP servers, getting customers to install, configure and use FTP software is a challenge. Preflight Online removes this obstacle by making file submission as simple as clicking a 'Send' button."

The Preflight Online service will check both QuarkXPress and Adobe PDF formats. The company promises to add more formats over the coming months. Extensis claims it's a low-cost service costing "only pennies per document". A free test drive of the service is available.